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• A tip from our good friend A.S.M.: “When buying berries packed in a basket, check the bottom to see if there’s a juice stain. This means that the strawberries at the bottom are crushed.”

• “Here’s a great tip for use at bath time with baby: I have a sippy cup that changes color when the drink is hot. Oddly enough, it changes at the perfect temperature for baby’s bath. So, I fill the tub and toss in the cup. When the cup starts to change back to its original color (blue), I know the bathwater is not too hot. I always swish the water around and check with my wrist also, but it is a good visual clue to check.” — P.B. in Idaho

• “To remove muffins or rolls from a pan, set it on an old, damp towel for a minute. The steam must loosen the bottoms because they just slide right out. I thank my mom for this tip.” — J.R. via e-mail

• When heating milk in a pan, “seal” the pan with unsalted butter to keep the milk from filming and sticking to the sides. Lightly coat all sides of the pan with butter, and the milk is sure to not leave scum, which can take away from the rich flavor of the milk.

• Do you find yourself throwing away unused and spoiled fruits and veggies at the end of the week? Try setting aside time after you come home from the grocery store for prepping fruits and vegetables. Pre-bag snack sizes of carrots, celery, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe and apples. Pre-cut veggies for meals to make later in the week. Slice tomatoes and onions for sandwiches, and tear and separate lettuce for salads. They all make great, healthy treats, and having them ready to go makes it easier to get that five a day!

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