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Now here’s a tip!


• Check bagged frozen vegetables with the squeeze test: If it is hard and solid, it has thawed and refrozen, so you should choose another bag.

• “ My family drink sodas from the plastic bottles. At the beginning of storm season, I fill a dozen or so about three-quarters full and put them in the freezer. They are good in coolers and such, but mostly they fill space, making the freezer not have to work so hard. And if we lose power, they help to keep frozen foods frozen longer.” — T.R. in Georgia

• “My family has always used mayonnaise as a salve on minor burns. I heard you can use toothpaste, too.” — Sam P. via e-mail

• “I love to put photos of family on the fridge. I found that the photos were getting ruined from grease and moisture in the air. To get around that I cleaned and laminated them. Afterward, I hot-glued little magnets to the backs, and now I can move them around to accommodate new photos. There are so many, and it gives me pleasure to look at them.” — C.R. in Oklahoma.

• Use a paper plate as a splatter guard in the microwave. It will not sag down into your food, and will not get dragged off to the side by any rotation.

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