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• Here’s a budget stretcher : “Credit goes to my friend for this great butter extender. Whip 1 pound of softened butter and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Slowly add 1 cup of olive oil. Beat up to 5 minutes to add air and increase volume. Pour into two 1-pint containers and refrigerate. Economical, spreads like soft margarine, tastes great and you get the benefits of olive oil in a natural product.” — S.B., British Colombia, Canada

• Mix a quarter cup of salt in with two tablespoons of bath wash for a sudsy, refreshing, skin-soothing salt scrub.

• “Before I go to the beach, I freeze an ice-cube tray full of lemonade. Then, we use the cubes in our travel cups. It keeps the lemonade cool, and as it melts (which tends to be quickly), it doesn’t water down the drink.” — K.H. in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

• Some tips for middle or high-school kids going back to school virtually: Have a designated workspace. This can be as simple as a large tray turned upside down and placed on the end of the bed with a storage ottoman to sit on. It will be better than trying to lay in bed and work.

• Mold on baked goods goes beyond what you can see. The mold puts out “feelers” that are invisible to the naked eye, so if you see mold on your muffin or bread, don’t think that you can cut that part off and be done with it. To be safe, throw the whole thing away.

• “I needed an outlet on my porch, so I ran a long extension cord along the edge of the patio and fed it up into a piece of PVC pipe that was left over from a plumbing job. It holds the end of the cord at about outlet height. Whatever works!” — V.L. in Arizona

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