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• “In my shop, I have stored small bits of hardware in baby-food jars. They were all on a shelf together, and when I needed one, I would have to move bottles around until I found the right one. I took a piece of 1-by-4 and cut it into 2-foot sections. Then I glued the bottoms of the bottles in a row to the wood. Now, they still sit on the shelf, but all I have to do is slide the 1-by- 4s out and find the right jar. I can still see in the sides, and it makes them so much easier to deal with.” — J.N in Missouri

• “My child has so many toys that they were starting to take over his room and our house. We got three big plastic storage tubs and distributed the toys among them. Now the rule is that only one tub can be open at a time, so if he wants to play with other toys, he must pick up all the toys from the tub he is playing with first. It has made such a difference since the house gets picked up at least once a day.” — C.I. in Tennessee

• Here’s a boating safety tip: Make sure you check the weather before you head out for a day on the water. And everyone needs a life vest, large or small!

• “Lots of people are selling things online now to make a few bucks, and that’s cool. I know I have things I’ve picked up that I don’t use. Why not make a little money? Here’s a tip though: Do a little research on price for your item. You want to avoid listing it for too much (no interest) or too little (yes, it gets snapped up quickly, but you could have gotten more for it). A little homework goes a long way.” — C.A. in Florida

• No red wine for your recipe? You can substitute an equal amount of grape juice or beef broth in most recipes.

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