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Now here’s a tip!



• For a little extra visibility in the basement, try applying glow-in-the-dark or reflective tape on the edges of the stairs.

• “Peppermint is a wonderful cure for indigestion. To make a quick peppermint tea, use a rolling pin to smash three to four peppermint candies. Add them to a glass of water and microwave for a minute and a half. Stir to melt the candies completely, and drink slowly.” — G.L. in California

• Don’t stop reading just because it’s hard to get to a library! Many public libraries are offering delivery services these days. My local library will let you reserve books online for quick pickup, renew your due date or even have books delivered to your home. Some have regular seminars on all kinds of topics — and many of them are done virtually.

• If you are replacing a hinge to re-hang a door and you need to use the same holes, make sure you add grip by placing a matchstick or toothpick in the hole before rescrewing the attachments. Just break it off flush with the frame. It will add some security to the hole so it won’t be as loose.

• Maintain a list of all drugs you take — both prescription and over the counter — and when you fill a new prescription, give a copy to your pharmacist to check for interactions. Also, if you have multiple or complicated medical issues, it might help to patronize a single pharmacy. That way, the pharmacist can advise you of any interactions or complications.

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