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Now here’s a tip!



• Remember to turn off bathroom fans after 10 minutes. In the winter, if your house is on the dry side, don’t use the fan at all: Open the door so the humidity from the shower or bath reaches into the house.

• “To remove the skin from salmon, I freeze it and skin it while frozen. The skin comes off much easier, and I waste less of the fish. I buy a large piece and parcel it into several smaller pieces, since it’s just me. I like salmon, and it’s healthy for me!” — L.A. in Florida

• Need extra dishware or servingware for a holiday meal? Try looking at secondhand stores for large dishes, serving utensils and more. It’s sometimes cheaper than getting throwaways, and it’s better for the environment! You can always donate them again after the holidays.

• Here’s a makeup tip from Captain Obvious: Wet your beauty blender. I didn’t know this and had been using it for about a month before my sister told me. So much better! — V.A. in Florida

• Freeze fruit that is on the verge of spoiling rather than letting it go to waste. You don’t even have to use it for smoothies. Chuck a handful of frozen fruit in water or iced tea for added flavor. And it’s a superb addition to fancy cocktails.

• “Quick sewing tip: Check your fabric’s stretch direction before you lay out your pieces. You’ll thank me later.” — E.F. in Missouri

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