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Mostly sunny

Now here’s a tip!


• “At a home center recently, I saw a zip-up bag to store artificial Christmas trees in. This bag looked like luggage, with wheels on one end. I have purchased two, and I use them under my bed to store off-season clothes. I can pull the handle and they wheel right out, and I no longer have to get down on the ground and tug them out as I used to do. It’s a back saver.” — I.W. via email

• If you get a scratch in a white enamel sink or other white enamel surface, try touching it up with white fingernail polish.

• “If you have a picture frame that just won’t stay straight, cut the eraser tip off of a pencil and glue the flat (not the domed) side to the back of your frame at the bottom. For stubborn frames, use one at each corner. Then re-hang. Once you situate it on the wall, the erasers keep the frame from slipping to either side. It works great.” — R.I. in California • Don’t just move dust around with that feather duster. Reserve it for dusting delicate items in a designated space (outdoors, preferably). Get a microfiber cleaning cloth instead. It catches dust and holds it.

• To make your own special flavor of coffee creamer, use a pint of fat-free or low-fat half and half and add the extract or spices of your choice. Some ideas: peppermint extract, chocolate syrup, almond extract, cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla extract.

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