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• B.B. in Massachusetts writes: “I have a rubber disc (used for taking covers off jars) that I keep in my shower. When showering, I put the disc over the drain so the water can accumulate, then I soak my feet at the same time.”

• To save yourself some time and aggravation, make a safety set of keys that match your current set exactly. You will never have to go looking for your keys when you are in a hurry, and you won’t have to determine if the key you need is on the ring. It is!

• “Re: your recent tip about storing heirloom quilts in a cedar chest: No, no, a thousand times no! Nothing is worse for quilts — heirloom or otherwise — than storing them in cedar chests. Acids will not only stain them but break down the fabric over time.” — B.R. in Washington.

Thanks B.R. Although my grandmother did store quilts and other fabric items in her cedar chest, according to sources at the National Quilters Circle, the best place for an heirloom quilt may be on a bed. You can stack them, but rotate so that no quilt gets too much sun. — JoAnn

• “ For squeaky door hinges, forget about graphite, WD-40 or any of those other messy lubricants that may last for only a few months. Pull the hinge pins, wipe them clean with a dry rag, and then apply a thin coating of Vaseline with your finger. Properly done, your hinges should remain free of squeaks for at least a year.” — F.B. in Colorado

• “If you live in a cold area where you might experience icy sidewalks and you have a dog or cat, don’t forget to protect your pet’s feet from the salt and/or chemicals that are frequently used to melt ice. Be sure to wipe down your pet’s feet after a walk outside.” — F.F. in Alaska

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