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Now here’s a tip!



• Apply lemon juice to the cut surface of an apple to prevent browning.

• For stubborn dry patches on hands, like knuckles and around fingernails, try rubbing in a bit of Chapstick. It does the trick to moisturize, and it doesn’t wash off as easily.

• “To protect feet from getting soggy when out in snowy or rainy weather, cut a piece of plastic wrap about 3 inches longer than your foot on both sides, then step on it and fold it up on all sides before you put your foot in your shoe. It also keeps feet warm.” — M.S. in Colorado

• “I use the old-fashioned round coffee filters to cover food in the microwave. Less expensive than paper plates and stays in place but doesn’t stick to food.” — N.B. in Texas

• D.R. in Illinois uses flip-flops for some unusual purposes, like covered with sandpaper as a sanding block, covered with a chamois for waxing a car or even to apply paint. He says they can be found on clearance for less than a dollar. One thing you shouldn’t do: “Don’t ever weed eat your driveway while wearing! Personal injury.”

• When making meatloaf, put strips of raw bacon on the bottom of the pan and place the meatloaf on top. It adds terrific flavor and will keep the meatloaf from sticking to the pan.

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