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Now here’s a tip!



• N.B. of Texas, writes: “I never could find the time to exercise. When I got home, I had to rush to get supper, etc., and afterward all I wanted to do was plop down and watch television. Then I got an exercise mat and a stationary bicycle. When I couldn’t work out very long, I worked out during commercials. I’ve lost 3 pounds so far!” Great idea for all those with fitness on their New Year’s Resolution lists, Nancy!

• Two wonderful tips came in from G.K. of Minnesota: “To protect floors from being damaged by chairs being pushed around, glue rounds of carpeting beneath the chair legs. They are easily removed for replacing as they wear down. Also, when making bread or rolls, warm the flour in the oven or microwave so as not to chill the butter. The dough will rise faster.”

• B. W. of Colorado swears by brake cleaner to get rid of bad spots on carpets. “Regular automotive brake cleaner on the spot and a clean rag will remove almost all stains,” he says.

• “In cold winter months, keep your robe (and slippers or whatever else) under the covers with you when you sleep. Pull it next to or over you a few minutes before you get up. It’ll be toasty and will help make the transition into the cold a little less harsh.” — B.M. in New York

• If your animals try to get out when you go into or out of the house, keep some toys or treats in your pocket or near the door to throw across the room, giving you a few seconds to slip in or out.

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