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Now here’s a tip!


• “If you have a bunch of picture frames that don’t match or ones that are nicked or have small cosmetic damages, just paint them. Choose a matching color for all, and you have a collection.” — T.L. in Florida

• Kitchen tip: You can slice mushrooms in an egg slicer.

• If your sneakers are smelly, try this: Stick a sheet of fabric softener in each one. Let them set overnight, and most of them time, the smell will be gone by morning. Of course, you should rotate your tennies to help them “breathe,” since wearing your shoes day after day can foster bacteria growth — meaning your sneaks will be really stinky.

• “To get sheets and towels to dry faster, try adding a tennis ball to the dryer. It bounces around inside while the cycle is going, and breaks up large items that tend to crumple into a ball.” — C.L. in Illinois

• When you get near the end of a roll of paper towels, save it to put in your car. Pull together a kit to keep in the car with the following items: a small bottle of glass cleaner, a squeeze bottle of water, some wet wipes and the short roll of paper towels. You will always be ready for a quick on-the-road cleanup.

• The kitchen and the bathroom are the worst places in the house to store medicines and vitamins. Humidity and heat can damage the properties of the compounds.

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