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• Save and thoroughly clean foam egg cartons for kids’ paint palettes. The wells keep colors contained, and the flat space on the lid side is great for resting brushes. They are easy to rinse off and just as easy to recycle if you are done with them.

• To help insulate your home to prevent heat loss, build up a mound of snow about 3 feet high at the foundation. Snow is a terrific insulator! — E.S. in Michigan

• When topping a pie with meringue, make sure that it touches all the edges of the pie crust. Otherwise it will shrink.

• Wrinkled ribbons? You can use your curling iron or flat iron to give the satin a quick freshening up.

• “You can use a little bit of cooking oil to remove the last bits of sticker adhesive from a glass picture frame. Remove as much of the paper sticker as possible, then dab the spot with oil on a paper towel. Rub off. When all the adhesive is removed, use glass cleaner.” — R.H. in South Carolina

• Got stale bread? If it’s not too stale, you can try to bring it back in the oven. Set on a low heat alongside — but not in — a pan with water. If it’s too far gone, you can always cut it up into cubes and make it croutons, or toast and grind into breadcrumbs. No waste!

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