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• Need a quick fix for tarnished brass? Look in your fridge. Ketchup, applied liberally then buffed off, will remove tarnish in a pinch.

• Use a sticky note to clean the cracks in your keyboard. First hold it upside down and shake to remove crumbs. You’d be surprised how much comes out. Then run the sticky strip of the note paper between the keys to pick up dust and any other crumbs.

• “Many people play drinking games with movies and alcohol, but here’s my drinking game: I work at an ‘office’ job (although we are remote now), and every time I get an email notification, I take a sip or slug of water. It’s got me surprisingly hydrated!” — P.J. in Florida

• If your marker is nearing the end of its life, you might revive it by setting it tip down in a little bit of rubbing alcohol.

• “Schedule important doctor’s checkups, like your annual physical and dental cleanings, in the same month each year so you will know when they are coming up. I use my birth month. My mom always has hers done in February.” — E.D. in Massachusetts

• Use a cotton swab to clean out the tips of your earbuds!

• “ To clean out your coffeemaker, run a cycle of water through it, and then pour out half the water and replace it with white vinegar. Pour that mixture back through the coffeemaker (make sure it’s off ) and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then run the vinegar mixture through, then two cycles of fresh, cold water. — A.L. in New York

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