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Mostly clear

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• If your pooch doesn’t like to poop in the snow, here’s a great trick to secure a patch of grass (even if frozen). Lay a square of plywood down on the ground, with a rope secured as a handle. After a snow, pull up the wood to reveal the ground underneath.

• Use mismatched socks to protect glass items when transporting them from place to place, or even in storage.

• Refillable spray bottles work best for cleaners. Refills can be economical, they put less waste in the system, and here’s one more reason: less propellants used, which can be a serious irritant to lungs. Purchase an attractive bottle, and then look up some recipes for ecofriendly cleaners. You might be surprised how well they work and how great they smell!

• “Add some nuts to your morning cereal or smoothie for a nutritious boost. It’s not just for oatmeal or granola. I like to crush a handful of walnuts and sprinkle them across my waffles.” — J.E. in Maine

• Get rid of the smell of burned popcorn in your microwave by setting a bowl of coffee grounds in it overnight. Somehow, when you remove it in the morning, it smells of neither popcorn nor coffee!

• Before removing a splinter, ice the area. There’s less fussing and a wooden splinter might absorb some liquid, causing it to swell enough to pop out a bit more.

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