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• “When thickening soup, don’t overlook instant mashed potato mix. It’s perfect for making a thin broth into a nice, thick stew sauce, and it’s pretty cheap. It only takes a couple of tablespoons.” — I.F. in Utah

• “Cut kitchen sponges into smaller pieces. They clean as well as a larger sponge, and you can dispose of the smaller pieces when they get yucky.” — O.C. in Michigan

• Don’t forget to clean out your dryer’s lint trap regularly. It can get clogged up, and that can be a fire hazard. Set a reminder on your phone to vacuum it out once a month.

• If you have high boots, you can use this trick to keep them looking good and upright in storage. Simply use 1-liter soda bottles. They can be empty, or you can poke some small holes around the bottom and add a little baking soda, which will keep the boots dry and odor free.

• Ficus trees can remove up to 80% formaldehyde in the air. Other great indoor air-cleaning plants include peace lilies, ivies, spider plants and ferns.

• “Have you overdyed your hair at home? Try washing your hair with a dandruff shampoo. You may have to repeat it, but dandruff shampoo can sometimes get the extra color out of your hair follicles. Make sure that you condition well afterward.” — B.R. in Georgia

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