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• “Shaving cream can be used as a spot remover for many carpets. Use only a small amount, and follow up with a damp cloth.” — D.L. in New Brunswick, Canada

• Here’s a great rule of thumb in the kitchen: The quicker it cooks, the more direct the heat. So, for a thin piece of steak that’ll cook quickly, a cast-iron pan fry will do nicely. For a thicker cut of, say, chicken, you should bake at a lower temp for a longer time.

• To rid a shirt of a deodorant stain, sponge plain white vinegar onto the residue and rub briskly.

• “Need sliced mushrooms for your salad or recipe. They are hard to cut, but you might already have the perfect tool for the job in your kitchen. If you have an egg slicer, get it out. It works very well for mushrooms, and it’s easier to use than trying to cut those slices yourself.” — J.R. in Utah

• Got an ink stain? Try using the ubiquitous nowadays (thankfully) hand sanitizer! Apply a little sanitizer to the ink stain, then use a clean, dry white rag to blot, checking the rag often and moving to a different spot on the rag as it takes up the ink.

• To get clothing really clean, don’t overfill your washer. Oftentimes, we want to get the laundry done quickly by stuffing in as much as possible, thereby reducing the number of loads. But if there isn’t enough space for everything to move about, it can actually keep the clothing from getting clean. Never fill more than three-fourths full.

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