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Now here’s a tip!



• Buff out small scratches in glass with toothpaste. Apply a small dab and rub in circles lightly, then wipe away.

• “Establish a family lost and found for small items that are discovered in places where they don’t belong. It can be as simple as socks or hairbrushes to money and electronics.” — P.O. in Virginia

• If an egg spills on the floor, sprinkle it with salt. Egg can be very slippery, and the salt will help keep it in place so that it is easier to clean up.

• Give your garbage disposal some love and clean her out! Add a handful of baking soda and some crushed ice, then a cup of vinegar or lemon juice and follow up with hot water.

• “Label storage bins on all sides so that no matter how you stack them, or which direction you shove them in, you can always see at a glance which are which. Recently, I went searching through my attic for a particular box, and several boxes were moved out of the way. I had to spend much more time turning them to face the right way so that the labels would be visible.” — R.F. in Ohio

• If a glass breaks, here’s a tip to get up those tiny glass shards that are impossible to pick up or sweep up: Use the inside of a slice of white bread, wadded up. No bread? You also can use a blob of play dough.

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