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Now here’s a tip!


• Do you store plastic wrap in the refrigerator? Many home experts will tell you that storing plastic wrap in your fridge or freezer can help with the stickiness factor — the plastic is easier to manipulate and get into place when cold, but still stays put. Try it and see!

• Want delicious fried chicken crust but not the dripping oil? Baste chicken pieces with mayonnaise, then dredge in crushed cracker crumbs mixed with a bit of flour. Bake and enjoy.

• From L.D.W. in Illinois: “When I have a recipe, I put all the ingredients on the counter, and as I use each one, I put it away. My daughter and daughter-in-law like the idea, as they at one time or another, have forgotten an item.” I like that one, too, L.D.W. A well-prepared cook makes a delicious meal.

• Laundry soap — liquids, powder and pacs — should be added to the water before clothing. This allows the soap to disperse correctly throughout the water and also can avoid “grease spotting” that sometimes occurs when detergents land on dry fabric.

• “Many people have freezers in a garage or storage space that is not temperature or moisture-controlled. To keep rust at bay, how about waxing the outside of your standing freezer periodically. Hey, it works for the car!” — G.C. in North Carolina

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