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• If you’re reattaching a button to shorts or pants, try using dental floss, the unwaxed kind. It’s much stronger, and can hold the button better than regular thread. Use a marker to darken it if the color is an issue.

• Here’s a great way to get a longer life from a bar of soap: Press the plastic top of a pop bottle into one side of a wet bar of soap. When you set the bar down in your soap dish, put it plastic side down. This way, the bar doesn’t sit in any residual water and turn into a goopy mush. The plastic top comes out easily if you need to remove it.” — Y.P. in Illinois

• Store brooms either handle down or on a hook that allows the bristles to suspend over the floor. When brooms rest their bristles on the floor, it bends them and breaks the ends. Broken ends make it hard for the broom to work efficiently.

• “After a recent bathroom redecoration, we had a toilet paper holder left over. I mounted it on the wall in my shop, and I use it to dispense twine. It’s actually working well and is the perfect size, since it’s not really wide enough for more than one duct tape roll.” — A.L. in Texas

• It’s easy to leave a group text chain on an iPhone. There’s a setting for this. It’s not as easy on an Android phone, but it’s doable. Simply mute the conversation and delete the text thread. If you have a big family group and you’re getting too many notifications, you can always mute the conversation until you’re finished with whatever you’re doing.

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