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Now here’s a tip!



• Spring clean your tools. Ditch half-used tubes of caulk, stiff paintbrushes, random hardware that doesn’t have any obvious use, especially screws or nails that have been pulled out of the wall.

• “When cleaning the microwave, boil a couple of cups of water in the microwave first. The steam will help loosen any stuck-on food.” — O.D. in Idaho

• Defrost meats on the bottom shelf only. Ideally, you should have a large bowl or container to put packages of meat in that require defrosting, so that if they leak, the leakage will be contained and will not get on any of your other foods.

• “The plastic liner in cereal boxes makes a good, strong container for kitchen scraps if you are saving them for composting.” — Y.T. in Oregon

• Another reason to get the newspaper: Crushed newspaper makes a great rag for shining windows in your home and in the car. No lint left behind!

• “Wipe out the insides of a cornstarch container to make a handy catch-all for craft supplies or crayon sets for kids (labeled so they all have their own). These are a really good size, and several brands seem to come with a clear lid.” — H.D. in Florida

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