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• We heard from J.D. in Northern Colorado about a recent tip on egg carton use. He wanted to remind me that while Styrofoam egg cartons may be easily recyclable in some places (I take them to my local grocery store), that’s not true for all states. Thanks for the reminder, J.D., and for being a reader. Maybe it’s time to lobby our grocery chains to switch to cardboard cartons.

• “I put dryer sheets in any size wastebasket. One can put three or four folded out to stand up and put a bag in the basket for a fresher smell. Change dryer sheets as often as you like.” — S.H. in Minnesota

• B.H. in Washington has an interesting tactic to keep ants off her hummingbird feeder, which hangs from a pole. “Cut a small hole out of the bottom of a grocery sack, thread the hole on the pole, slide down about two-thirds of the way, tape the edges to the pole tightly, and let the sack hang down like a bell. You will never have another ant climbing up your feeder pole.”

• Get lots of extra bathroom storage by hanging an organizer over the back of the door. Look online and you’ll find fancy versions made with drawers and hooks, or just use a good old-fashioned plastic shoe organizer that you can pick up at your local big box for less than $10.

• To remove a persistent smell from a lunchbox, wash thoroughly with baking soda and dish soap, then hang to dry. Stuff the lunchbox with crumpled up newspaper and seal for a day. Remove the newspaper, and hopefully the smell with it.

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