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• C.S.R. in Florida sends this reminder: Pull out the plugs on toasters, microwaves, etc. Appliances still draw a bit of power when not in use but plugged in.

• Fasten buttons, zippers and other closures before laundering a garment. This is especially important for any item that includes a hook-and-loop closure. The hooks will catch on other garments, and best case will be filled with lint. Worst case: They can tear at the threads of other items of clothing.

• If you have a bunch of your family’s historical documents, make sure you scan them and preserve them for future generations. It’s always nice to forward copies to relatives — you never know when someone will get involved in genealogy and really want to see those birth records, baptism certificates and baby photos.

• You can sharpen knitting needles with a pencil sharpener. You also can use an emery board. Sharp needles work best!

• “If you have two pairs of similar slacks — one navy and one black — you can put a safety pin through the tag on one of them so you can tell them apart. I have a pin in the navy slacks. They really do look similar until you’re out in the light.” — T.L. in Virginia

• Make chopping walnuts easier: Put some in a bowl, and nest another bowl into it, then rock the top bowl back and forth to crush the walnuts.

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