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Now here’s a tip !



• There are many fancy cleaners for sale for wood and laminate floors. Truth is, all you need is regular sweeping and a clean, damp mop. Never use harsh cleaners on wood, and do not use too much moisture.

• D.D. in Missouri keeps morning cereal crisp by using two bowls. Bite by bite dipped in milk is the perfect remedy for avoiding a soggy spoonful!

• Use white chalk to fill pin holes in the wall before painting. You can also use this tactic to hide holes if you are unable to paint the white walls of a rental. It simply fills the hole, making it “disappear.”

• Save prescription medicine bottles and use them to sort beads or findings for beadwork or jewelry making. Bonus: Store the bottles upside down in a plastic storage bin so you can see what’s in the bottles without having to sort through all of them.

• Add chocolate syrup to your cake mix for a deliciously deep flavor when making a chocolate cake.

• Check your pillows: Press into the pillow at the spot where your head rests. If the pillow doesn’t spring back when you remove your hands, it’s time to replace it.

• Add these to the list of items to eliminate the odor of cooking cabbage: a heel of bread, a whole walnut or a pinch of baking soda.

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