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Now here’s a tip!



• Want bananas to last a little longer? Do not separate your bunch, and wrap the tip in foil.

• “Instead of baking soda, I use three or four charcoal briquettes in a bowl to control odor and moisture in my refrigerator. I place the briquettes in a shallow dish, then cover the top of the bowl with a small piece of cheesecloth and secure it with a fat rubber band. The best thing is that I can still use these briquettes on the grill. In the summer, they get changed very regularly.” — M.L. in Virginia

• To ripen a green tomato, wrap it in a sheet of newspaper or place it in a paper bag. It can then be left on the counter for several days to ripen.

• “After a hard day’s work in the garden, I soak in a rosemary bath. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory, and it smells wonderful. I just add a few sprigs from my plant out back to very hot water, and then let the water sit for a while until it’s just warm. Then I get in. Heaven!” — U.A. in Ohio

• Keep laundry baskets in your automobile’s trunk for easier organization. You could even add a small cooler to hold cold items if you need to make a stop somewhere on the way home from the grocery store.

• “Here’s my tip: Use a muffin pan to make big ice cubes for drinks.” — A.L. in Missouri

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