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• Groceries and food shopping can eat up a tremendous portion of your budget if you aren’t careful. The best and most serious money-saving tip for home economists is to ALWAYS use a list. It really does make a difference to have a plan. Here are some more tips to save money while feeding your family. — JoAnn

• Most stores list the unit price on the shelf tag. Use it to compare the cost of different sizes and brands of the same item. Just because a package is bigger doesn’t necessarily mean it has the best price per unit.

• “A secret of busy moms: Cook once, eat twice (or three times, if you plan well)! When you prepare favorite recipes that will freeze well, or even just elements of those recipes, make a double or triple batch. Then a few nights of the month, you can just pop something in the oven easily. I cook taco meat once for the month, and we have tacos every week. I just freeze three portions of the meat, and the rest is easy to assemble.” — K.S. in Florida

• “If you know you’re going to make a purchase soon from a specific store, search online for discounted gift cards to that store. Many people get gift cards for places they don’t shop, and they sell them at a discount for cash. That’s a percentage off your purchase just for preplanning.” — E.S. in Virginia

• Remember that, typically, the higher shelves and the lower shelves at the grocery store house the better deals.

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