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Partly sunny

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• Want to make that summer at-home pedicure last? Don’t skip the base coat or a UV topcoat. The base coat will allow the color to adhere evenly and better. Then the topcoat will protect the color from the sun while giving it a little extra shine.

• “Use an over-the-door shoe holder to house your makeup and hair accessories, plus jewelry and other personal items. You can trim a curtain or piece of fabric to fit over the length of it, and tie it to the top if it looks too messy in your room.” — M.K. in North Carolina

• Use this trick to freshen your stuffed animals. Dust with baking soda and put several together in a large paper grocery bag until it’s half full. Fold the top of the bag down and shake vigorously. Remove the stuffed friends and shake off any excess baking soda. For good measure, put the dusted-off toys in a low- or no-heat dryer cycle for 10- 15 minutes.

• Hashbrowns can be made on a waffle iron. Coat liberally with canola oil or butter-flavored nonstick spray, and add shredded potatoes and finely diced onion. Allow the iron to cook the potatoes to your desired level of crispness, and flip out both sides onto a plate. They will be both crisp and soft!

• Honey has amazing properties, and one of them is its antiseptic powers. You can even use it on pimples. Just a tiny dab will help keep bacteria responsible for breakouts from taking over.

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