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Now here’s a tip!



• Coffee filters make wonderful glass cleaners. They leave behind no streaks and no residual lint.

• Berries are in season, and there’s no greater time to stock up. But don’t feel like you have to make jam out of all the berries. Freeze in a single layer and transfer to a freezer-safe bag or container. Later they can be popped into muffins and quick breads, as well as eaten straight out of the bag for a delicious treat.

• “Do you love burgers? Here’s a great thing our family does that saves money and is very handy: When ground beef goes on sale, we buy a large quantity and premake many burger patties, seasoned and shaped just as we like them. Then we separate them with butcher’s paper cut into squares. We put them in stacks, and then into empty bread bags to store in the freezer. When we are getting ready to cook out, the patties don’t have to be all the way defrosted, just put on the grill and cooked up!” — A.J. in Florida

• Okra, which is at its peak July through September, makes an excellent stew thickener. But it’s quite yummy on the grill as well, brushed with olive oil and lightly seasoned. Just be sure you don’t wash it until you are ready to use it. There’s a natural protective coating on it, and if you wash it off, it’ll get slimy.

• Old socks can be fitted around the head of an old mop or Swiffer base. Spray with cleaner and clean away. When you are done, remove the sock and launder.

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