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Now here’s a tip!



• Rubbing alcohol can be used to remove ballpoint pen ink from most upholstery.

• “Polish wall tiles in the bathroom using car wax. They will repel water really well. Just be sure that you cover the floor before you apply any wax. You do not want to polish your tub, as that is a safety hazard for sure!” — M.W. in Missouri

• If you have wood floors, you might already know about felt furniture pads — the little self-stick felt circles you put on furniture legs to reduce scratches on your floors. You might not know that these same pads can reduce scuff marks that appliances make on countertops. It also makes it easier to scoot around a heavy mixer or other appliances.

• “Check your mower to see if you’re cutting your lawn to the optimum height. Generally, cutting grass to 2 1/2 inches will allow it to retain more moisture, requiring less watering, and help shade out weeds, too.” — O.F. in Alabama

• Here’s a workout tip: Rotate among a few pairs of running shoes to get the best life out of them. Rotating gives them a chance to dry out between wearings, and runners who practice this routine have a 39% lower chance of injury, according to a Luxembourg research firm.

• “If you’re looking to save money, don’t ignore the dollar store. You can find a lot of personal-care and home-care items there for, well, a dollar. I save quite a bit of money this way.” — R.L. in Texas

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