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Now here’s a tip!



• Use club soda on a damp rag to wipe down your stainless-steel sink. It will help bring back the shine.

• Fresh versus frozen in the seafood aisle: Unless you’re at the docks, most seafood in the grocer’s fresh fish case is thawed from frozen. Always ask. It’s much cheaper to buy frozen and thaw it yourself.

• “My mother swears by wrapping her feet in a vinegar-soaked rag once a week to soften calluses. She does this before her bath, and uses a pumice stone to rid her heels of hardened spots on the skin. It seems to work for her, so I thought I would pass it on!” — C.D. in Colorado

• “If you need to keep your 1-year-old corralled in the bath, try using a laundry basket. The water flows in, but she has only so much room to roam. And it lessens the odds she could slip away from you to the other side of the tub. Always stay with baby from the first drop to the last!” — W.H. in Texas

• To distinguish all the cords plugged into a power strip, write the appliance name (TV, DVD, speakers, etc.) on a plastic bread tab, and attach it to the cord at the plug. A quick look at the power strip, and you can unplug any appliance without having to follow the cord through the jungle behind your entertainment center!

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