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• Have your carpets cleaned. High-traffic areas may require cleaning as often as every three or four months, but bedrooms can go as long as 18 months. Use runners and area rugs to safeguard spots that may be vulnerable, like under a vanity or by your sofas.

• “I had some residue on my bathroom ceiling from hard water condensation. I happened to have a set of crutches lying around. I used a hair elastic to secure a hand towel to the arm rest of one crutch. Then I sprayed it with water and used it to scrub the ceiling. It worked really well. I was done in no time.” — A.A. in Florida

• Two ways to remove a bandage: Rub a little baby oil or vegetable oil over it. The oil will soak in and make it easier to remove. Or — and this works especially well with kids — have them soak in the bath and use baby shampoo to soften the sticky edges.

• A baking soda and water mix is great for tile floors if you want a quick mop up. If a lot of your floors are tile, do yourself a favor and invest in a steam mop. They clean and sanitize, leaving your floors brilliant.

• Be sure you use a trivet or other protectant when placing flowerpots on wood floors. Also, purchase felt pads for the bottoms of furniture. This will eliminate divots or other kinds of depressions or scratches in the floor.

• “Tiny tears in your window screen can be secured with clear nail polish. I dab the spot, then use tweezers to line up the tiny wires, then dab again. Just make sure the window is open, or the screen might stick to the windowpane.” — T.T. in Indiana

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