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Now here’s a tip!



• Here’s a tip for you waist-watchers out there: Wait until Halloween Day to buy the candy. That way the in-house sweets won’t be haunting you throughout October. — JoAnn

• Now’s the time to install weatherstripping or caulk for fall and winter. To find drafts, try this trick: Light a taper candle and run it very slowly along the cracks of your windows. When you see the flame flicker, that’s where you have a draft leak.

• A great use for those old knee-high stockings (no runs!): Stuff with a mix of crystalized kitty litter and scent-boosting beads you can find in the laundry aisle. Stuff these in stinky shoes to freshen and deodorize. The litter wicks away moisture from sweaty feet and deodorizes, and the scent boosters last for a good long while.

• “Here is a sewing tip for your column: I prewash fabrics that tend to shrink before I use them to make clothing items. That way, the fit is more accurate.” — G.V. in Indiana

• “Exfoliation can be easy if you already have a bag or jar of Epsom salts. Soak in a warm bath and rub the salts over your skin to gently scrub dead skin away. A little essential oil might help, too!” — D.D. in Florida

• “To keep sauces from splattering and dirtying the inside of your microwave, cover the food with a damp paper towel or a coffee filter.” — E.C. in Utah

• Now you can have your tea and clean something, too. Teabags can be used to clean woodwork. Rub the wood softly with a damp bag.

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