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• “If you heat a pita in the microwave first, it will be easier to open and will rip less. About 10 seconds should do it.” — M.E. in Georgia

• Baby have diaper rash? One of the best remedies is “air time” — that is, letting baby go without a diaper for a bit. Another simple soother is a baking soda bath. Try adding 2-4 tablespoons of baking soda to Junior’s bathwater.

• Use this tip to vacuum seal your meat for the freezer without any special equipment! Add meat pieces to a plastic, zipper-top bag. Fill a large pot several inches deep with water. Seal all but an inch or so of the bag. As you lower the bag into the water (zipper top up) the air will escape through the unsealed portion. When no air remains, seal the bag and then remove from the water.

• “Have you tried this single-serving blender hack using a mason jar? Many standard-size blender blades can be screwed on to a pint Mason jar. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you can make single servings of smoothies to blend and go.” — T.U. in South Carolina

• “Apply petroleum jelly to the panes of your windows before painting the trim. This works better than masking tape in many ways. It is easily removed, and even large paint flecks come right off.” — P.S. in Illinois

• After you’ve cooked your chicken whole, remove the meat and throw the bones and remaining carcass in the slow cooker with 3-4 cups of water. Let it cook on low for several hours for a spectacularly flavorful broth.

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