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Now here’s a tip!



• “Need a new look for a favorite sweater? Change out your buttons. It’s such a small thing, but makes a big change in look!” — E.L. in Massachusetts

• Instead of using costly brass polish, try a little lemon juice and salt. Another brass polish you probably have right now is ketchup. Apply a thin layer and buff off with a soft rag.

• Experts say to always crack your egg on a flat surface, rather than using the edge of a counter or bowl. More egg-tastic advice is to crack eggs into a small bowl instead of directly into ingredients. If you have a sneaky “bad egg” in your dozen, it’s better to find out before you ruin your baking.

• “I love to search for recipes online, and I have learned to pay attention to the comments section. You’ll find a lot of explanation and frequently a tweak that many people have found successful. Comments have saved me from oversalting a dish, as well as making necessary adjustments in temperature and cooking time. I have found complicated techniques broken down in ways that were helpful. It pays to check out the comments!” — W.G. in Missouri

• Attention salad eaters: Got a thick dressing that’s high in fat? Rinse lettuce before dressing your salad. Wet or moist lettuce traps less dressing. If your dressing is light, give salad greens an extra spin. Drier lettuce holds on to dressing, making lightly dressed salad more flavorful.

• Another great use for baking soda: Add a cup or two to your toilet bowl. Swish and let sit for 1-2 hours. Flush for odor control and shine.

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