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Now here’s a tip!



• Three ways to use an empty tissue box: 1) Store plastic grocery bags inside; 2) line with a small plastic trash bag and use in your car as a travel trash can; 3) cut out the bottom and use it to disguise an extra toilet tissue roll in your guest bath!

• Love oranges? Save the peels to add to your potpourri mix. Remove as much of the pith as possible and cut into strips. Air dry in bright light for about a week. Or you can set the strips on parchment and dry in a partially closed oven set to 175 F for about 45 minutes. Check often.

• “To separate yolks from egg whites, simply crack eggs into a shallow bowl and ‘suck’ the yolk out using an empty plastic water bottle. Squeeze the bottle slightly, then position the mouth of the bottle at the yolk and let go. It will magically slide up into the bottle, leaving the whites behind!” — T.T. in New York

• “When the last serving of jam has been used, I will happily add some oil and vinegar to the jar, along with a few choice spices, then shake. It’s an instant vinaigrette, with a fruity tang.” — C.L. in Tennessee

• Keep your jeans or other denim items from fading by soaking them in a solution of cold water and salt (2 tablespoons to a gallon) for about an hour before washing.

• “To clean a can opener, get it wet and run a folded paper towel through it while turning the handle. Works best if done after each use.” — H.P. in Washington

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