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Now here’s a tip!



• Got plastic packaging that’s a pain to get open? Use your can opener. Run it around the sides to break into your packages. It works!

• For every side dish that requires extra preparation time, plan for one or two that don’t. For instance, if you are preparing a casserole with many ingredients and complicated instructions, serve a package of vegetables that require nothing more than steaming.

• Wine buyers tip: Experts say to multiply the number of adult guests by a half bottle to determine how many bottles of wine to buy for your holiday gathering. Add an additional glass of wine per guest for every hour after dinner you expect guests to linger.

• How to peel potatoes: Boil whole potatoes with skin on for 20-30 minutes (depending on the size of your potatoes). You should be able to stick a knife all the way through without resistance. Then remove them to an ice bath for 10 seconds each. The skin will slip right off.

• “Have kids make their own whipped cream with a jam jar! Fill a screw-top jar (glass, chilled, works really well) halfway with heavy cream, a little sugar and any flavoring extracts you like, then seal and shake. Kids also can make butter with cream in a jar. You may add a pinch of salt instead of sugar, and shake longer.” — A.A. in Florida

• Researchers tell us that the best time to interview is late morning on a Tuesday. You will avoid the interviewer’s likely Monday/ Friday crunch, and have his or her full attention. Do your homework on the company, and get ready to shine!

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