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Now here’s a tip

+ If you are in the market for furniture and you have some time, extend your budget by asking sales associates to let you know when their stores will hold floor-sample sales. These can be a wonderful opportunity to get a gently used piece of good-quality furniture at a great price.

+ B.M. in New Jersey writes: “I find that 8-ounce yogurt cups are excellent for ‘tiny bits’ of leftovers, instead of using zipper-top bags and/or containers.”

+ “When my mother got older, she moved in with us both to save money and for safety reasons. We changed the doorknobs on her bedroom door and the bathroom to lever-style handles, so she can easily operate those doors with arthritic hands. Also, we added rope lights to the stairways, so they are clearly visible at night.” – C.O. in Ohio

+ Shopping for an Oriental rug? Here are some tips sent in by a reader via e-mail: “Look for a clear pattern, a vibrant color and the highest number of knots per inch – at least above 800, but 1,000 knots per inch is better. Wool or silk rugs are the most expensive, and if you are on a budget, you might be able to find a good-looking synthetic that is machine-made.”

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