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Now here’s a tip

• Need to run an extension cord for lights across a driveway or walkway? Cushion the cord by running it through a length of slit garden hose. It will protect the cord from low temperatures or being crushed.

• “There was a request from a reader, W.T., and he was looking for a way to remove the smell from jar lids. I have the solution! Use dishwasher liquid (like Cascade) — the kind you use for your automatic dishwasher. Just wash by hand with hot water. The dishwasher liquid will remove any smell and any stain, especially tomato stains.” — K. in Illinois

• “I deodorize sauerkraut jars to use for apple butter by putting 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a wet, clean jar and filling it with water. I also use this method on plastic storage containers that smell of onions or hot peppers, so it should work for Mr. T.” — E-mail from Minnesota

• On saving gas: “Before going on a trip or pulling a heavy load, like a trailer, have your service station replace your fuel filter. You will be surprised at how much farther a tank of gas will go, especially if the filter has not been changed in a while. — M.B. in Saskatchewan, Canada

• “Teach children to be neat and organized in their drawers by using plastic shower caps to contain their underwear and socks. This is a great way to start teaching organization and tidiness.” — L. in North Carolina.

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