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Now here’s a tip

• “My husband has a large family that lives quite a distance away. We are visiting them for the first time with our two young children. To keep the kids from feeling overwhelmed (and to brush up myself), I created a photo look book of the family members we are likely to be around. The kids will be familiar with their faces, and they won’t seem as much like strangers.” — U.L. in Washington

• “I have a tip about putting out candles. You can put a little water in the bottom of a glass votive cup before you put in a votive candle. Then, when the candle burns and the wax goes down, it won’t stick to the cup. Thanks for the good tips.” — A.D. in Georgia

• Have a leaky fridge door? Try this first. Clean the seal gasket with a mild soap and water. Then apply a very thin layer of petroleum jelly to all sides. If you can shut a dollar in the door and it slips right out, you might need to replace the gasket.

• “Everyone has had the experience of putting a pair of socks in the laundry, never to see them as a pair again. This is a winner. I join my socks together with a safety pin, and they always return to me as a pair.” — J.P. in Maryland

• A great way to clean the shower naturally? Vinegar! Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spray directly on shower walls after bathing. It’s great at beating bacteria and mold. And it’s a great natural alternative to chemical cleaners.

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