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Now here’s a tip

• “Mineral oil will take off a fake tattoo nicely. Use it liberally on a cotton ball just before bath time. My kids love fake tattoos, and this way, they don’t stay on too long.” — T.L. in Montana

• “An easy way to store plastic grocery bags so that they are handy when you need them is to stuff them into a tissue box. They come out one at a time and are easily stored in a cabinet or even in your car.” — P.W. in Missouri

• “I have one of those waxmelt burners that uses tea lights to heat a block of scented wax. I ran out of tea lights, but had one votive candle that I could use. I cut the bottom of the votive off to make it the right height, then I used a square of aluminum foil under it to catch the drippings. It worked just fine in a pinch.” — D.S. in Florida

• “JoAnn, here’s a tip for your indoor and patio gardeners out there: When filling a pot with soil, first make sure there is a drain hole at the bottom. Then instead of putting stones or broken pottery on the inside bottom hole of the pot to allow for drainage, place a coffee filter over the hole and then fill the pot with your potting soil. I discovered this filter will not only provide more room for root development but will effectively allow for proper drainage. Also, the filter will not let any muddy soil or dirt to run out the bottom of your pots and mess up your windowsill or patio decking. It really works!” — T.G. in New Jersey

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