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Now here’s a tip

• “I do a whole lot of traveling, and have always done this when I go out of town. I try to use up as much food as possible before I leave, but I also freeze what I can in order to reduce the amount of food I waste. I put a few ice cubes in a tied plastic bag and put it on the shelf of the freezer when I leave. If I come back to one large ice blob, I know that the power has been out for a substantial amount of time while I was gone. Then I know that the stuff in the freezer/refrigerator has to go.” — H.A. in Ontario, Canada

• Here’s a wonderful tip from the Insurance Information Institute: Keep your toolshed locked. You might not be worried about losing that old shovel, ladder or set of screwdrivers, but you might be worried if someone uses them to break into your house. Lock it up for safety.

• If you have smelly shoes, here is a “stocking stuffer” to try: Take the foot portion of an old pair of pantyhose. Fill it with tea leaves and stuff it into the shoe. Leave for a couple of days. It should soak up the smell. You can also use kitty litter or charcoal, but I find that the tea leaves leave a pleasant scent behind.

• “I love patent-leather shoes for the kids. To make them shine (and to keep them from cracking), I give them a good buff with plain old petroleum jelly. It’s cheap and works perfectly.” — O.C. in Wisconsin

• When making cookies that are dropped by teaspoon, dip your spoon in milk before collecting the batter. It won’t affect the taste or the way it cooks, but it makes it much easier to get a true teaspoon for even-sized cookies.

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