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Now here’s a tip

• “At the beginning of the holiday decorating season, I was stumped about what went where. This year, I have solved that dilemma. I took pictures of the decorations up on the house, and where I placed different things inside the house. I had them developed, and I am packing them with the decorations — right on the top of the bins that will go in the attic. Next year, I will know just where to put things.” — I.O., via e-mail

• “We have a tradition in our family, especially with the younger children. After the holiday, we gather once more for a different sort of party: a thankyou note party. We get together, have a light lunch and have the kids write out simple thank-you notes for gifts or cards received from friends and relatives. It reinforces the idea of thankfulness and manners, and it helps that they all do it together.” — F.R. in Ohio

• “My two next-door neighbors and I have a fun thing we do after Christmas. We have an un-decorating party. We draw straws to see whose house gets done first, second and third, and in that order we provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s always a great time, and we’re done fast. It’s the holiday party I look forward to the most.” — W.K. in Alabama

• “I am always on the lookout for the perfect greeting card. I keep a list with me for the whole year of events, as well as holidays. This way, I can get great cards for minor holidays on sale after the date. I organize my greeting cards by month. I have a three-ring binder that has 12 plastic sleeves labeled with the month and all the events that month. When I get a great birthday card, I slip it into the appropriate month. I even stamp it and address it.” — V.G. in Arizona

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