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Now here’s a tip

• Got leftover alcohol from holiday parties? Get the musty smell from wool items by spritzing them with straight vodka. It kills the bacteria and mold without leaving behind any smell.

• “I keep a stack of brown paper bags that I will use on nights when I expect the weather to ice over. I put them on my windshield, and I can pull them right off in the morning. I try to shake them off and let them dry so that they can be reused as well. It beats scraping ice early in the morning, that’s for sure!” — A Reader in Montana

• Here’s a fireplace reminder: Don’t burn magazines or colored, glossy advertising inserts. When you think of newspaper to get a fire started, you should be thinking of the black-and-white, frontpage newsprint variety. The others are not safe.

• “I was rushing to put up some photos on the wall in my apartment when my parents came for a visit. I messed up a couple of spots, and I needed to fill the holes. My roommate suggested we use toothpaste. It totally worked. We can go back later and patch them with spackle — if we can find them, that is.” — T.C. in Texas

• Need to get a grip — on a jar lid? Try putting on a pair of dishwashing gloves. They give great traction even when the jar lid is slippery

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