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Now here’s a tip

+ Here’s what L.S. in Texas has to say about a previous tip regarding storage of good silver serving pieces after using them on major holidays: “What’s wrong with the rest of the year? After 50 years, I took the plastic and stonewear to the Senior Citizens Resale. Now we dine three times a day on the best china and crystal, with tablecloth and napkins. We deserve the best!” Hooray for you, L.S.!

+ “Local farmer’s markets are a fantastic way to buy fresh, locally farmed produce. I love shopping at mine, as there is so much more than just fruits and vegetables. But I have made it a habit to check in with my senior neighbors to see if I can pick a bit up for them as well.” – P.F. in Georgia

+ “To keep from getting splatters on windowpanes when painting trim, rub a little petroleum jelly right on the glass. You can splatter all you want, but it will wipe right off.” – S.K. in Massachusetts

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