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Now here’s a tip

• Keep a coffee can or two filled with kitty litter in your car. You might need it for tire traction or even to scatter in front of you on an icy walkway.

• Go Green Tip: Check out the Web site www.rbrc.com to find where in your area you can recycle used rechargeable batteries, like the ones from electronic games, cell phones, camcorders, cordless tools and more.

• If you want your deodorant to work harder for you, put it on at night. Since most of us don’t sweat while sleeping, it has a chance to fully be absorbed into the sweat glands overnight.

• Got a book club, moms’ group or card club? Ask for a discount at local stores for your members. In this economy, you’d be surprised how many stores will say yes to a modest discount in order to potentially get the business of a group.

• “I live in Florida, the land of many fireplaces but no need for fire — at least in the past 10 years I have lived here. I love my fireplace, though. I installed mirrored tiles inside it, and I have a bunch of candles in there. They sparkle just like the real thing, and it’s quite beautiful.” — P.F. in Florida

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