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Now here’s a tip

• “I have terrazzo floors, and they pick up scuffs like nobody’s business. I keep a tennis ball on the end of my broom. I saw a guy in a department store do this once. I just rub the scuff with the tennis ball, and it comes right up. Easy!” — I.E. in New Mexico

• “Keep sliding-glassdoor tracks clean and running smoothly with furniture polish! Clean well, then spray liberally with regular furniture polish, wiping away any residue. The doors glide and repel most dust bunnies.” — R.R. in Ontario, Canada

• Another tip from the Insurance Information Institute: Make it harder and louder to break into your house. Crooks don’t like to work too hard, so make sure your outside doors are steel or thick, solid wood. Get deadbolts and use them. Get an alarm system. Install automatic lights at entrances.

• Did you know that breast milk has antibacterial and antiviral qualities? You can use it on minor abrasions and to treat conjunctivitis and congestion, and it works well on eczema in babies. Just dab with a cotton ball.

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