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Now here’s a tip

• “I had bought some really beautiful wallpaper for my dining room. I had some left over, so I used it to line the drawers of my buffet. It looks like it was a custom job.” — B.P. in Tennessee

• “I guess I’m pretty sensitive to whatever it is in onions that makes you cry. Here are two tricks that work for me whenever I have to chop onions. First, try putting your onion in the freezer for about 15 minutes before you chop. Also, do it on the stove area with the fan going, or use a small fan blowing the onion fumes away from you. Hope this helps other crying chefs.” — A.D. in Missouri

• “I love to work on embroidery, but it’s very annoying to have a thread that keeps knotting up. If you are frustrated by knotting embroidery thread, run a sheet of fabric softener over the thread. It can be a used sheet if necessary, but I find that a fresh one works best. The fabric softener keeps the thread slick, and it knots way less.” — T.F. in Georgia

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