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Now here’s a tip

• To extend the time between dusting blinds, use fabric-softener sheets. They repel dust and give wood, plastic or metal blinds a nice cleaning.

• “In a hurry to pay for a large order of groceries? When unloading the cart, turn all bar codes toward the cashier!” — D.M. in British Columbia

• “Here’s a great way to save money on expensive greeting cards: Make your own. My children make all their own cards for birthdays and holidays. We save cards that they were sent, and the kids cut out the pictures and write their own sayings. The grandparents and extended family really love these cards, and the kids are able to express themselves.” — T.D. in North Carolina

• To keep pets off furniture, try using a piece of tinfoil to cover the areas where your pet likes to go. You can use it to wrap around the arms of furniture or the corners, where cats like to scratch.

• “Use the return envelopes found in junk mail as grocery lists and coupon carriers. I write my list in bold, dark marker on the front, then carry the coupons I need for that trip inside the envelope. When I’m done, I recycle it.” — I.L. in Massachusetts

• Go Green Tip: Replace the five most-used lamps in your home with bulbs that are Energy Star qualified. It can save you more than $60 a year in energy use.

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