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Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Now here’s a tip

• “To get grease stains out of laundry items, douse the grease spot with cornstarch. Work it in gently, then dust off excess. Check the stain and repeat. The cornstarch will absorb the grease.” — C.F. in Louisiana

• “When potting plants or starting seeds, everyone knows to moisten the soil. I moisten mine the day before. It seems to distribute well, and I have no trouble with my seedlings.” — T.C. in Ohio

• “I love to bake, but it seems like I’m the only one in the house who eats cake! This means I either eat way too much cake in a day or end up throwing it out before it goes stale. I have finally figured out a great way to enjoy baking AND eat more responsibly. I slice the cake into individual pieces, wrap them in plastic and freeze. I can take out a piece of cake in the morning and enjoy it by the afternoon if I want, and it’s still moist and delicious.” — J.J. in Florida

• “I got tired of clipping coupons and forgetting them at home when I would have an unexpected opportunity to grocery-shop. Now I keep the coupons in the car with my reusable grocery bags. They’re there whenever I am ready.” — V.R. in P ennsylvania

• Go Green Tip: Invest in a light-sensing and/or motion sensing porch light to save on energy costs. These types of fixtures turn outdoor lights off when the sun comes up or come on only when motion is detected in the area of the lamp, meaning you don’t have to leave a light on or remember to turn it off.

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