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Now here’s a tip

• Another way to keep pets from sleeping on the sofa while you are out is to use a carpet runner made of plastic. Put the gripping side up, and both dogs and cats will stay away.

• “This is for the gardener who doesn’t like to wear gloves: Dig your fingernails into a bar of soap before gardening in dirt, leaving a collection of soap residue under the nails. Washing your hands after gardening will be much easier.” — Lynn in North Carolina

• “I save the plastic containers from baby wipes. They make terrific organizers for all sorts of small things. Best of all, they can be stacked.” — B.H. in Colorado

• A great garden tip from P. Allen Smith (get more at pallensmith.com): When trimming an evergreen hedge, prune the sides on a slight bevel, so the bottom branches stick out a little further than the top. This prevents the top from shading the lower branches and making them sparse and leggy.

• “My recipe cards were a mess, so I entered the recipes into my computer to get organized. However, I do love my recipe cards, and some are passed down and very special. I saved the special ones and framed them to hang in my kitchen. I also made a collage out of the holiday side-dish recipe cards and some photos of dinners through the years. It’s very artistic, and I love it.” — M.L.P. in Minnesota

• Go Green Tip: To increase or maintain a high miles per gallon in your vehicle, dump unnecessary weight. Go through your car’s trunk and clean out anything you might be carrying but don’t need. The less your car weighs, the better fuel mileage you’ll get.

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