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Now here’s a tip

• Go Green Tip: Air-cleaning houseplants. Sound like science fiction? It’s not; use the following plants in every room to naturally clean air of pollutants: English ivy, golden pothos, spider plant, peace lily, bamboo palm and ficus plant (also called weeping fig).

• “To give your cat a pill when all other efforts fail: Place pill in a plastic baggie and crush very fine with a hammer. I laced it into a hairball cat salve, spread thin and thoroughly onto both paws, and they’ll always lick them clean. It’s best to keep the cat on a vinyl floor or outside until they’re cleaned up.” — Mrs. K.N in Illinois

• “To remove a bumper sticker from a vehicle, try loosening it with a little spray lubrication, like WD- 40. Then work a plastic spatula under the corners until you can get as much of it up as you can. Hit it lightly with a hair dryer to heat and loosen the sticker. When you have the sticker off, use a plastic scrubbie and dish soap to get as much of the leftover adhesive as possible. Follow that with rubbing alcohol. Don’t use a razor blade, as it will scratch up the paint.” — D.W. in North Carolina

• When traveling by car, I bring a large, soft towel with me. I roll it around the seat belt (the chest part) and secure it using safety pins. I am then able to slide it up to use as a pillow, and still keep my seatbelt on safely. Because it’s attached to the belt, it doesn’t fall down unless I slide it down when I’m getting out of the car. — I.S.W. in California

• To keep your brain active, take different routes to get to familiar places. You never know what you might find!

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